Weekly Recap

It has been a busy week in the Bay! Here are the week's tweeted articles in case you missed them. Happy Friday!

"CEO Reflections: What are the organizational structure challenges startups face today?" - Egnyte Blog

"The new tech bubble" - The Economist

"Why Isn't Wi-Fi Better?" - GigaOm

"Disaster Recovery in the Cloud" - Forbes

"Netflix Now The Largest Single Source of Internet Traffic In North America" - TechCrunch

"Egnyte in the News: Egnyte Appoints Janet Matsuda Vice President of Marketing" - Egnyte Blog

"Why It's Too Early to Call the Private-Cloud Fight" - GigaOm

"Cloud Failures Aren't the Problem; IT Is" - Information Week

"Apple Inks Deal With EMI, Cloud Music Service is Around the Corner" - Mashable

"That Was Fast: Amazon's Kindle Ebook Sales Surpass Print (It Only Took Four Years)" - TechCrunch

"Are Talent Acquisitions a Sign of a New Bubble?" - The New York Times

"Should we develop an Egnyte Enterprise App for Chrome? Like us on Facebook and vote in our poll!" Egnyte Facebook Page

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