Wearable Tech's Impact on The Future of Work

Last year at Google I/O, I got a couple of Android watches. Curious about what the next generation of mobile technology was about, I decided to hook it up. You mustn’t mistake my curiosity for excitement. I was, frankly, expecting it to be one of those first-version toys that purports no real-world functions. Maybe after three generations of user testing, it would show some purpose, I hypothesised.Having yet to see Google put out garbage, I quickly slapped the watch on my wrist at the conference. I probably clicked around for a good five minutes before I got bored. Great, now I have a fancy alarm clock on my wrist, I thought. I was just about to pat myself on the back about my capabilities prediction when my email and texts started rolling in. The watch’s utility value had just grown exponentially.

Wearable Tech's Impact on The Future of Work  - Egnyte Blog

I’ve been using the watch  for months now. Skimming and deleting emails on the fly is a joy. Dictating text messages turned out to be pretty robust too. Granted, I had to tone down my phat slang skillz, so that Google doesn’t mistake my speech for jibberish. But after using the watch for just a few days, I was obediently charging it every night to leverage the convenience for the next day.As mobility becomes more and more integrated with our daily lives, it only makes sense that the next step is toward wearable electronics.And here comes Apple. One of many things Apple is great at is timing. When the technology is released is just as important as what the technology does. Apple had a full year to monitor and analyze the Google Watch’s evolutions and adoptions. And the fact that Apple jumped into the wearables market, even when there are still limitations to work out (i.e., less than perfect usability and subpar battery life), means that the total addressable market is substantial.My use case is a great example of how a modern business professional can leverage wearable tech. No longer do you have to be that guy that brings his laptop into a conference room and tries to listen to the presentation while worriedly trolling for the latest email to keep up. Eliminate this scenario by just slyly glancing down at your watch to get the 411 on incomings. Also, don’t get pulled over driving with your knees while writing that essay of a response (We do not recommend this). Tap reply and talk into your watch, like Inspector Gadget.Waiting for someone to comment on a file you shared? Get that notification on your watch in real time. Need to mark a folder for some off-site access? Simply check on its download status from your watch. These are just some of the cool features that we are building into our mobile solution. You asked; we listened. We are continually building new features and improving existing ones, because just like you, we use our products too.The tech industry is churning out innovation every day. It is particularly interesting on the mobility and the wearables front because the world is quickly converting sci-fi to non-fiction right in front of our eyes. Businesses are, in a way, wary of shiny new products or brands. That’s because in many cases, businesses are looking at SaaS products as happily-ever-after solutions only to have them end up as short and distraught divorces.What will make a sustainable business is when you sell a compelling product that not only addresses business needs but also helps you optimize your business demands. It is one of the many reasons businesses convert from other SaaS solutions, in favor of us. We have some very special plans this year to do just that. Stay tuned for some great updates on our mobile solutions.

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