Want to Turbocharge your Salesforce?

Want to Turbocharge your Salesforce- Egnyte Blog

In an article published a few months ago on the Salesforce.com blog, the author identified simplifying content access as the top productivity driver for sales teams. To quote her:“Sales reps spend 30% of their day looking for or creating content – one of the biggest consumers of their time. Yet 70% of content never gets used by sales because they can’t find relevant material. And when 95% of B2B deals are influenced by content, this is not only a waste of time but can also negatively impact opportunities.”As the undisputed market leader in CRM, Salesforce knows a thing or two about increasing sales productivity. And as a leader in the Enterprise File Sharing market, Egnyte has consistently focused on simplifying content collaboration, and improving the discoverability and management of files. In 2015, Egnyte announced a Salesforce integration that extends Salesforce’s expansive feature set with a number of productivity-boosting capabilities. In the words of one of our customers, a Sales VP at a prominent technology company (and an unabashed lover of fast cars) - “Salesforce is like my Porsche, and Egnyte is its turbocharger. The Egnyte integration for Salesforce frees up time for what my team does best - pursue and close deals.”But how exactly?When the integration is activated, the Egnyte Connect UI is embedded within Salesforce. All the files you see within the Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity and other (including custom).Salesforce objects are managed by Egnyte and easily accessed within each SFDC object. Which means that you can now drag and drop files associated with a particular Account or Opportunity directly into the appropriate folder in the embedded Egnyte UI.The Egnyte integration also simplifies file organization and makes Egnyte’s rich feature set accessible from within Salesforce. Want to access an RFP response document associated with a specific opportunity? Simply navigate to the Opportunity in Salesforce, and open the file from the RFP folder in the Egnyte window. Want your customer to review and sign your contract? Just right-click on the document to email your customer a file link with a note, or route the contract for eSignature with DocuSign or another Egnyte eSignature partner.There’s plenty more you can do with the Egnyte Integration for Salesforce to amp up the productivity of your sales team. Attend a 10-minute WebShort (short presentation) to find out how you can turbocharge your Salesforce and rev up your pipeline! Join us on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 at 10:30 AM PST / 1:30 PM EST

Want to Turbocharge your Salesforce- Egnyte Blog


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