Walk the Jobsite Remotely with Egnyte + StructionSite

As a construction company, does your field crew have a clearly-defined workflow they strictly follow? Most companies we speak with do not, and as a result, they expose themselves to unnecessary risk.If your company uses Egnyte as your IT ‘backbone’ and you’d like to create a seamless process for bringing jobsite progress photos and videos into your system of record, this post is for you. Great things happen when the entire project team can ‘walk the jobsite’ remotely, and combining Egnyte with StructionSite allows teams to access hyperlinked PDFs with the latest 360 and standard progress photos.Storage and Sharing for CollaborationBy partnering with Egynte, StructionSite customers are able to access drawings, store images, and provide next-level, secure collaboration for all project team members. You will never lose a photo or video in an email again by implementing this simple integration between StructionSite and Egnyte.

Walk the Jobsite Remotely with Egnyte + StructionSite - Egnyte Blog

Document faster, safer, and more accuratelyImplementing StructionSite on your project allows your workers to verify work in place, save time searching through emails for images, and gives a standardized procedure on how projects should be documented. We’ve provided a way to document your jobsite using 360 degree photos, make them searchable, and with the help from Egnyte, allow them to be stored and easily shared throughout your company.

Walk the Jobsite Remotely with Egnyte + StructionSite - Egnyte Blog
Walk the Jobsite Remotely with Egnyte + StructionSite - Egnyte Blog

With StructionSite, you have the ability to take progress photos using a 360º camera or capture those photos directly from your mobile device. You can easily tag images with phase of construction, exact location, or anything else you find relevant. The tags are customizable!Optimize Your Existing WorkflowsAlthough most companies have established workflows for tracking site progress, the processes are usually cumbersome and don’t optimize for time or information. By combining real-time documentation and tracking with convenient cloud storage, Egnyte and Stuctionsite help project stakeholders make sure your workflows are easy, intuitive, and detailed.We optimize your existing workflows in four ways by reducing wasted time, energy, and resources while increasing collaboration and information-sharing:

  1. Allow you to import drawings from Egnyte and automatically check for updates, as drawings are updated between Egnyte and StructionSite in real-time.
  2. Give photos location and direction intelligence. Now you know where photos were captured and what direction it’s facing
  3. Tag photos with date, time, user, construction phase, and other information for filtering and fast searchability later
  4. Push photos with all tagged information into Egnyte for remote access and collaboration.

“Egnyte took the file storage and sharing platform to the next level by focusing on what is necessary in the A/E/C industry for project collaboration and security.”- Philip Lorenzo | Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer| StructionSiteTo learn how to implement StructionSite + Egnyte on your projects, contact StructionSite  today.

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