Video Killed the Radio Star

It is hard to start a post with a morbid headline. But the reality is that the Hybrid Cloud approach we took has a wide appeal, going beyond the target SMB customer and resulting in Egnyte replacing the file server in large enterprises (10,000 employees or higher).Interestingly, end users in these companies can "technically" access their corporate file servers using VPN. But the speed issues with VPN and the lack of heterogeneous device access (specifically mobile devices) causes serious productivity issues. Coupled with the fact that files need to be shared not only within the company but also with business partners further highlights the shortcomings of the file server.

I asked one of my engineers to help plot on the world map, exactly where we have replaced the physical file server. The near real-time map is below (click on it to see more details).

Video Killed the Radio Star - Egnyte Blog

It is gratifying to see that despite a huge focus on the US market and a fairly nascent presence in Europe, customers have adopted and deployed the Egnyte Hybrid Cloud solution in various other parts of the world.

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