Turbo is Getting an Upgrade

From the beginning, the vision for Turbo has always been to make working in a hybrid environment as seamless as working in a cloud-only environment. We’ve heard scores of administrators tell us how much time they have saved from the centralized admin portal and automatic upgrades.

At the same time, users have consistently told us how much they love being able to share files, mark folders for offline access, and accessing 3rd party integrations like Microsoft Office, DocuSign, and Zoom. Mission accomplished, right??? Not even close...

While it’s always rewarding to hear such positive feedback (thank you if you were one of those who did!) we are relentless in our desire to give you the best possible experience. And to that end, we have some exciting news to share….

Turbo now supports Offline Access!

So, you might be thinking “I thought Turbo already did that.” In a sense, that’s true because Turbo has always supported the ability for a user to fail over to another Turbo or directly to the cloud in the event a device outage. This happens automatically and in most cases, without the users even knowing. However, this isn’t the same as offline access.

In a prime example of not resting on our laurels, we knew there could be situations where internet connectivity is either unstable or unavailable. In those cases, accessing your files in the cloud isn’t possible, and user productivity could be impacted. Enter Offline Access…

Here’s how Offline Access works:

Turbo continuously checks the status of the connection to the cloud. If the connection is disrupted, then Turbo will put itself into offline mode. When this occurs, users will still be able to access, edit, and save all of the files that have been cached to Turbo just like when they are online.

Once connectivity is restored and Turbo has reconnected to the cloud, all files that were changed on Turbo will be synced to the cloud, and all changes made to files in the cloud will be synced to Turbo.

Occasionally when in offline mode, situations will arise when changes are made to the same file in the cloud and on Turbo. When that happens, copies of both versions will be saved and the file owner and the editors of file versions will be notified of the conflict. All without any administrative or user involvement.

Ready to use offline access? Just upgrade to Turbo 1.3.7 and Desktop App 3.4 and you’ll be all set.

Want to learn more about Turbo? Check out the helpdesk articles

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