The Advantages of BYOD for Employees and Job Seekers

Many of us are reliant on our smartphones and tablets to keep up to date with the latest news, talk to our friends and family via social media, and, in some cases, manage our careers. Without one or the other, waiting to check our inboxes until getting into the office can seem almost painstaking, which is why a growing number of workers choose to use their own personal devices for work purposes.

The Advantages of BYOD for Employees and Job Seekers - Egnyte Blog

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is seen by employees and employers alike as adding a significant amount of convenience to many jobs. However, as a survey by Egnyte has revealed, there are some concerns a well.

Overtime Over Time

In the survey, 46.3% of people said that if their company had a BYOD policy, they believe they would work longer hours at home or, with a tablet or smartphone, on the way to and from the office. Of those who said they would work longer hours, nearly 60% said they would work at home, while 42.2% would do so on the way home.Interestingly, 36.5% of people polled said that they would feel an obligation to work in their spare time if their employers had a specific BYOD policy. This shows that employers stand to benefit from this growing trend, as they might be able to get more work out of their employees in a shorter period of time. As for employees, unpaid overtime might become the norm.

Surprising Advantages

While extra hours might not seem too enticing for some workers, there are others who are sure to welcome BYOD with open arms. Job hunters looking for roles with flexible hours, for example, would be happy to use their own laptops, tablets or phones for their jobs. 32.3% of people in the survey said flexible hours is the main reason to consider BYOD.26.9% of respondents said that having the ability to work from home was their main reason for being positive about BYOD. In many respects, it could help change many people’s working patterns for the better.While some companies still cite concerns, the BYOD boom seems to have plenty of life in it. By implementing a BYOD policy, businesses can offer flexible working environments for current and newly recruited employees, making them more competitive and their employees more productive.*The original post appeared in

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