Egnyte Launches Success Center Within the Web Interface

Recently, Egnyte launched the Success Center within the web user interface of Egnyte. This feature includes four key areas that assist users in navigating Egnyte, finding help for common issues and keeping up with the latest product updates. The key benefits of the Success Center include: 

  • Onboarding for new users. The “Getting Started” section provides ongoing onboarding for new hires or users who may need a refresher after the initial launch and onboarding period has concluded. Once the content has been viewed, the notification is removed. 
  • Increased adoption and compliance. To get the most out of Egnyte and the security the solution provides, adoption among users is crucial. The “Best Practices” section allows users to explore how to use Egnyte for their specific needs, making the tool more relevant and easy-to-use.
  • Self-guided help and troubleshooting. The “Help Center” within the tool enables users to search for and read Helpdesk articles from within the Success Center window, providing information on many of the commonly asked questions users might encounter.
  • Up-to-date education. The “Announcements” section keeps users up-to-date on any recent or upcoming changes and enhancements to Egnyte, helping to ensure continuous proficiency with the tool and its features.

Upcoming additions to the Success Center also include a feature that allows users to submit Helpdesk tickets directly from within the Success Center with no need to leave the Egnyte web interface or open another tab. 

Additional Resources:

Helpdesk Article: Egnyte Success Center

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