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It's been a busy week since we launched the Enterprise Local Cloud (ELC). I had a scheduled call with a guy named Matt last Wednesday. He wanted to try the ELC on VMware, and I had little background on his requirements. The goal was to assist him with the installation and he was ready to go; VMware was installed, the Egnyte installer was downloaded, and we only had to kick off the installation.

When I got on the call, I discovered that Matt did not have any previous experience with virtual machines and he did not know what VMware was and where to download it. He told me that his IT admin was sick and the project was passed on to him. Needless to say, he was not prepared for the installation and I too was caught by surprise. I sensed a bit of concern from his voice so I told Matt not to worry and I offered to explain what a virtual machine does and how our application runs on it. Although I could've installed the application and have it running myself, I thought it would be best if he understood what I was doing and what I was installing in the first place. He accepted the offer and we spent some of our time talking about what virtualization was and he seemed to have understood it well. We finished by downloading a trial of VMware Workstation on his Windows Server and installing the ELC.He was surprised with how smooth and quick the setup was. I thanked him for his time and was about to end the call when Matt stopped and thanked me for what I thought was for the help on setting up ELC. However, I realized that he was thanking me for something more. He explained that it is uncommon nowadays for a support person, or a company for that matter, to go beyond the task at hand. He did not expect someone at Egnyte to spend the time to explain something he did not understand. He commended me and the company for going beyond what is requested. I couldn’t help but feel the gratitude in his voice and thought to myself, this is why I love Customer Support.

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Emily Ganz

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