Staying a Few Steps Ahead of the Competition

Looking at the recent news from a company considered a “poster child” of cloud storage, the company announced new functionality through an integration with Microsoft Office 2013. These features may sound awesome, and they are, which is why we introduced these same features for the Egnyte platform over the past 12 months.

At Egnyte, we continually update our platform with features requested by our customers and work hard to offer top-notch functionality that enables companies of all sizes to access, share and manage 100% of their files. If you are interested in using any of the features that this cloud-only company introduced yesterday (that won’t actually be available until later this year), here is a list of Egnyte features and how to use them today.Outlook Integration: The latest version of our Outlook Add-in (3.1), which fully supports Outlook 2013, enables users to:

  • Share and store their files received in Outlook directly into Egnyte.
  • Take a file from a user’s device, save it into Egnyte, and create a share link through Outlook without needing to go into the Web UI.
  • Create an upload link in an Outlook email draft to request files from outside contributors. All uploaded files are saved directly into Egnyte and contributors do not need to sign in.
Staying a Few Steps Ahead of the Competition- Egnyte Blog

Integration with Microsoft Office 365: We enable businesses to store, edit, and share their Microsoft Office files through Egnyte using Desktop Sync. We introduced this integration last July to make it simple for users to open and save files directly from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint into the Egnyte platform. We’re continuing to make it more seamless to manage your files by adding integrations with the programs and services that our customers use every day.

Staying a Few Steps Ahead of the Competition - Egnyte Blog

Staying a Few Steps Ahead of the Competition

To learn more about all of the integrations and features available on the Egnyte platform, be sure to check out our Helpdesk and blog regularly to get the latest on what the Egnyte platform can do for your business.

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