Sophos partners with Egnyte for hybrid cloud encryption

IT security and data protection company, Sophos, and Egnyte, a leading provider of hybrid cloud file server solutions, have announced the integration of Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise and Egnyte HybridCloud file server, which offers businesses an end-to-end solution for directly managing the encryption of data stored locally or in the cloud. Customers can define and manage their own encryption keys, enabling complete control over files no matter where they live.

Sophos partners with Egnyte for hybrid cloud encryption - Egnyte Blog

As cloud services gain traction in the enterprise, and consumerisation of IT continues its rapid ascent, data leakage has become a major concern for IT managers. Files no longer live in one location – they are shared across local storage, cloud provider storage and a growing diversity of devices. Increased collaboration means partners, employees and customers need secure access to these files, whether they are in an office or roaming.Ownership over encryption keys is an essential part of enterprise security policies and protections. This allows customer files to be encrypted throughout the process of file transfer and across multiple devices and locations. Most importantly, enterprises have full control over their own data with ownership of their own encryption keys.Through this partnership, Egnyte HybridCloud customers can use Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise to create and control their own encryption key to secure designated files. Customers have access to files anywhere, anytime, whether behind the firewall or in the cloud, as well as consistent encryption standards at every point.“While the cloud opens up many opportunities to collaborate seamlessly, it also presents security issues and uncertainties, especially as employees use personal devices to access company information,” says Vineet Jain, CEO and co-founder, Egnyte.“What's unique about our partnership with Sophos is that the combination of our services provides the market with a hybrid-cloud solution that scales up and down as needed, and provides IT managers with ultimate control over their data and the ability to manage encryption keys without additional support.”“The cloud is changing the enterprise IT landscape and Egnyte is at the forefront of this evolution. One of the biggest drivers for adoption is understanding how to carry a security policy from the customer side through to the cloud provider,” says Matthias Pankert, VP product management, Data Protection, Sophos.“As providers like Egnyte develop these abilities, enterprise cloud computing will be used even further. An example is true mobility freedom – the concept that smartphones and tablets become viable equals to the laptop or desktop. We see our partnership with Egnyte evolving to support this shift in the future.”ITWeb, March 1, 2012

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