Simple for Users, Secure for Business… Another mantra around the office

Some of you may have noticed our new tagline, simple for users, secure for business. It’s not only meant to clearly let people know what makes us different, it’s also a statement about our approach to creating products. As cloud file sharing reaches widespread adoption, it’s becoming ever more critical that we distinguish between products that we designed for consumers and products that are designed for business use.So what does this simple statement tell you about us? First, it lets you know that simplicity in use is important to us, and with everything we design, we try and keep that in mind. While we believe that designing a consumer only product wouldn’t be helpful in the business world, we do know that designing a business product with the consumer in mind is. After all, who wants a product that has a million bells and whistles, but isn’t in the least bit intuitive? Cloud and hybrid cloud file sharing solutions will have to be used by just about everyone in a company.We believe (and regularly see) that while companies may start with only a portion their employees on a system like Egnyte, in short order, like with email, almost everyone has their own account. Unlike email, however, file sharing quickly goes beyond the internal boundaries of a company and grows to include the whole ecosystem of clients, customer and contractors that a company works with. So, it’s quite important that the product have consumer sensibilities. Thus… Simple for Users.Now this is where we break from some of our fellow file sharing systems. Designed with business in mind from day one, we have been able to create a system that addresses the extremely complex needs an IT department has when it comes to maintaining and securing the data that is the lifeblood of a company. To take a consumer product, and retrofit it to answer the security, scalability and administrative needs of a business is just not an easy thing.Secure for business isn’t just a statement, it’s a commitment. Whether it’s allowing an IT manager to set sub-folder permissions on the fly, provision out new accounts to consultants or new employees, cut off accounts, or run audit reports to see who’s been looking at what, these are just a few of the many things that are important to someone who’s keeping the wheels of business moving.Further, securing a company’s data in a massively scalable architecture is no easy task. From unique private keys to user controlled key management to the ability to scale to millions upon millions of files, businesses needs are just different than consumers. Adding these abilities to a consumer product means significant architectural changes, which are often done with hacks and work arounds. We’ve always worried about these issues so you don’t have to, because our products are made with business in mind. Whether you’re 50 or 50,000 we’ve got you covered. That’s why we say, simple for users, secure for business.

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