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We’ve all heard this one before: “good things come to those who wait.” Wait, what?  That just doesn't fly when it comes to running a successful business. Faster is ALWAYS better, especially when you’re talking about productivity. And more productive teams translate to more effective, profitable and competitive companies.

Run your Business at Mach Speed - Egnyte Blog

Conventional thinking is that, in addition to being inexpensive, simple to use and easy to access, the cloud can deliver the speed businesses need. Wrong. The fact is, there’s a dirty little secret to the cloud that no one talks about - it’s slow and unreliable. Too slow for any business of scale to use for much more than lightweight, casual use. And we can now prove it, courtesy of new benchmarks we announced today.

Our statistics show that in a typical company, business users edit approximately 10% of their total files on a regular basis. We just sync the changes to those files using our own block delta sync technology, so only that 1/10 of those files are actually sent over the network. Cloud-only solutions must sync the entire file, which clogs bandwidth and is a nightmare if the internet connection is lost. The comparison is dramatic: for 50GB of data, our solution can sync the changes in just 7 minutes vs. an average 72 hours for cloud-only solutions.

Think of it this way - 50GB equates to around 5,000 songs, 600 short videos, 20,000 photographs, 50,000 documents or any combination of such files. Across a medium-sized business, it’s not unrealistic for 100 users to sync 50GB in files on a regular basis. This underscores the dramatic bandwidth needs of cloud-only file-sharing solutions when compared with our solution, which offers the unique ability to efficiently sync on-premise storage with cloud storage.

Beyond speed, there is a huge network cost to cloud-only file sharing. An office with a standard Internet network connection of 20Mbps will typically pay $500 per month on average. While our solution easily works within available network bandwidth, a cloud-only solution will quickly saturate this network connection when trying to maintain a comparable file-sharing performance. Our benchmarks calculate that customers with a competitor’s cloud-only solution would have to pay up to $6000+/month to acquire an additional 420 Mbps/month to handle an equivalent amount of traffic. Yikes! I’m not even sure who you’d call to get that kind of service!

Who would knowingly choose the slower, more expensive AND less reliable solution? Run your business at mach speed. The choice is yours.

Want to see all of the benchmarks or understand how we got these numbers?  Post your your email in the comments below, and we’ll get it right out to you.

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