Ready, Set, Step!

You get a Fitbit, and you get a Fitbit; everybody gets a Fitbit!The Summer of Swag is in full bloom at Egnyte, and as you may have guessed, we have stepped up our game from the typical coffee thermos, polo shirts, and bumper stickers. This week marks the beginning of Egnyte’s annual Summer Fitness Challenge, and this year we got smart about our exercise, jumping on the Fitbit bandwagon.This marks a change in our approach, both technologically and conceptually. In years past, the challenge centered on weight loss. Needless to say, that goal is not for everyone (whenever I visit my parents/grandparents, they are usually concerned that I do not eat enough!). With the addition of the Fitbit, we focus on the broader active and healthy lifestyle, loaded with an arsenal of tools to track, analyze, and compare statistics related to activity levels, step counts, calorie burn, and nutrition. We can set our own goals and our own routine to be the fittest people we can be.Of course, the personal fulfillment of leading that active and healthy lifestyle is all fine and dandy, but this is a challenge after all; let’s get to the competition!

Ready, Set, Step! - Egnyte Blog

The formal competition takes in a weekly format, with specific challenges per week - each one more expansive than the next.Week One, it’s simple: go solo, outstep the rest of the pack and leave them in the dust. The highest steppers from each of our offices around the globe take the cake (too bad it’s not a literal cake; that would go against the healthy diet I suppose).Week Two, Super-Secret-Doubles Challenge. We silently and strategically pick a partner from another department to combine step counts, highest scoring pairs win.Week Three, Department Challenge. Old rivalries renewed as each arm of the company plays King of the Hill.And finally, Week Four, Office Challenge. Time to throw down for your home base; the top office gets bragging rights for a whole year.And as if these were not enough, I know of at least one under-the-table wager placed between Marketing and Products; something about the losing team wearing costumes, that will be chosen by the winning team, to work for a day...So gather ye powders of energy and protein and ready thy running shoes. Be not coy, and while ye may, get Fitbit-y with it and step away!

Ready, Set, Step! - Egnyte Blog
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