Put machine learning to work for you with Egnyte + Smartvid.io

“Machine learning” (ML) is the buzzy new thing everywhere you turn, sending people across industries on a race for newer, better, and smarter systems to solve tough problems. But when no one knows what today’s hype really means for tomorrow’s workplace, the ML phenomenon may still feel like an abstract, far-off concept that’s irrelevant to how you work today.In reality, machine learning - a new breed of software that excels at fixing its own mistakes - has already given us powerful tools that quickly integrate with existing systems. An example is one of Egnyte’s newest integration partners, Smartvid.io. Smartvid.io is an enterprise software platform powered by computer vision technology, the magic behind Google’s image search and the ‘Faces’ recognition feature on your iPhone. Thanks to machine learning, computers can now “see” most objects as well as - or better than - humans can.A major challenge across industries today is handling an increasing volume of unstructured data, such as photos and videos. For example, in the construction industry, millions of pictures and videos are captured every week to document progress and safety. Companies attempt to leverage that data to monitor safety, improve operations, train employees, and win new business. However, finding and sharing the right content at the right time within huge data sets is extremely time-consuming.Smartvid.io has figured out how to mine media vaults by automatically analyzing and labeling photo and videos instantly. By identifying objects visually and isolating specific spoken words on video and audio tracks, Smartvid.io can virtually “see” and “hear” everything all at once. This could include scaffolding and water damage, different types of vehicles and equipment, and even workers missing hard hats or safety vests. It can even listen for relevant words in a video’s audio track.

Put machine learning to work for you with Egnyte + Smartvid.io - Egnyte Blog

The Smartivd.io + Egnyte integration makes it easy to use Smartvid.io’s features on your existing Egnyte content. Setting up the integration takes no more than 90 seconds: just choose a folder to sync to, and Egnyte files automatically flow into Smartvid.io - no need to change workflows or upload twice.  Once you’ve found what you need, easily collaborate without losing control - Smartvid.io’s file sharing options combine flexibility with total security. Some of the most common use cases include:

  • Safety teams who want to improve visibility across operations and proactively look for risks or hazards across sites
  • Operations teams that want to use video as an integral part of site inspections or training programs
  • Marketing teams looking to improve access and retrieval of content for use in bids and proposals
  • IT Professionals that need to find and control photos and videos across different departments or operating regions of the company

Anyone whose job involves pictures & videos can benefit from Smartvid.io. Whatever your role is, ask yourself these questions to see why:What could I do if I had a set of virtual eyes always looking at my photos and videos?What if I could tell it to look for anything I wanted?What would I want to find?Sign up for the Egnyte + Smartvid.io integration to put machine learning to work for you and find the insights hidden in the photo and video data you already have. Check out the demo video below to get started. We’ll see you there!

Egnyte integration demo from Smartvid.io on Vimeo.

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