Product Spotlight: What’s New & Upcoming

There’s lots of excitement at Egnyte as we close out the year on a very strong note with funding, new investors, global growth plans, hiring, and of course, product enhancements.

We’re continually updating and building out our platform with great new features to make managing and accessing business files easy for our customers. Here’s a quick look at the latest features available today and the ones that will roll out over the next few months.What’s new:Enhanced Usability & CollaborationNew Trash Filter: One of our latest product updates came from a common customer request. You asked; we listened! Did you start your end-of-year organization and throw away a pertinent presentation? Don’t worry; simply filter through the trash and find what you need quickly and painlessly.

Product Spotlight: What’s New & Upcoming - Egnyte Blog

Enhanced Preview: As we all know, file names don’t always make it easy to know what’s inside the file. Our new preview functionality eliminates time commonly wasted on downloading files to see what’s inside. Users can now preview audio and video files with this new enhanced feature.Upload Links: Are you a professor and need your students to upload their final projects to Egnyte? Have you sent out a new business proposal and need an easy way to collect large files or bids without clogging your inbox? The new upload links allow users without an Egnyte account to securely upload files to Egnyte.

Product Spotlight: What’s New & Upcoming - Egnyte Bog

Security & Administration

User Deprovisioning Report: Good news for administrators! When a user is deleted, an email is sent to administrators listing all active Standard Users and links created by that user. The email provides buttons to easily delete all the invited users or links with a single click.New Users and Groups: We’ve added a ton of functionality including user and group search, inline actions, bulk actions, simplified group management, and the ability to set an expiry date for standard users. These changes greatly improve user and group management for customers with hundreds or thousands of users. Now, when an admin needs to unlock a user or change his/her group membership, the admin can simply search for the user by name and make the change.

product update

SSO support for Outlook: For customers who use both single sign-on and the Outlook add-in are now able to log into the add-in through a single sign-on. This is available for customers that have OneLogin, Okta or ADFS as their Identity Provider.Permissions API: Get and set folder permissions for users and groups through our public REST API. This API can be leveraged to automatically create a template folder structure, along with associated permissions on demand as needed.What’s Next:

Here’s a quick snapshot of the new features and functionality currently in development in 2014. These should be available early next year.

Custom Folder Notifications: Want to limit notifications? Users can now subscribe to receive notifications on specific folders, instead of all of the folders to which they have access. Focus on what’s important to you and eliminate the clutter.Enhanced Preview in Link Download Page: All the great new preview features that were recently released will soon be available from the Link Download pages, both private and public. This offers yet another shortcut to make file sharing and organization easier.Email-Based Login & Account Switching: If your company has numerous Egnyte accounts, this will be a nice time saver. Users can log in with an email address and choose among any of the accounts in which they have access. Users can also switch between different accounts through a simple drop-down menu.Be sure to check the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more technical details on functionality or product updates. Have a question? This forum can also help you out! Moving forward, we will post a monthly product update to keep you in the know on all of the newest features and functionality.

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