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I recently spent a week outside the US and got to actually put the cloud to the test on the road. One of my stops was Florence, Italy - the birthplace of the renaissance and tucked away in the scenic region of Tuscany. I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of technology. I was pleasantly surprised.My apartment, a short walk from the historic center of the city was equipped with wireless, sporting a 0.5 Mbps upload speed– beats what I get at home most of the time. I was able to comfortably access our Egnyte file server (we eat our own dog food!) and stay connected with my crew back in the office.I was really thrilled to meet one of our customers, Jennifer, who lives in Florence and works with a New York based financial services company. Over a cappuccino, Jennifer shared with me how their team is completely spread out and works together using a portfolio of cloud based solutions (Egnyte being one of them).Just a couple of years back, this probably would have been difficult to pull off.Viva La Cloud!

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