New Features Announced at Summit

Each year at the Egnyte Customer Summit, we gather with our customers to share expert insights into the world of content collaboration and governance and to provide an exclusive look at exciting new developments in the Egnyte platform. And though this year is virtual, our mission is no different, and we were excited to announce some exciting new enhancements during the State of Egnyte keynote Virtual Customer Summit.

The rise in remote work has created unparalleled demand for collaboration and access among organizations. But with that demand comes new challenges: the expanding data footprint has created new threat vectors and compliance concerns. In fact, 40% of IT leaders say they believe content sprawl is increasing their risk of a data breach. With that in mind, our upcoming developments are focused on providing our customers with “Any Device, Any App, Anywhere” content security, compliance and governance solutions through a unified, turnkey platform. 

  •  Dynamic Encryption

Adding end-to-end encrypted file sharing to our solution ensures that your sensitive content can only be opened by the intended recipient, even if you share files outside your company. You’ll be able to track when a file is opened and revoke access when needed, providing an extra layer of security and assurance.

  •  Document Type Analytics:

Understanding the types of content and documents your organization needs to secure is at the heart of effective governance. This new capability automatically identifies your most commonly generated types of documents like NDAs, financial statements and budgets in order to analyze them against your policies and tailor user access appropriately. 

  • Content Lifecycle Analytics

This capability detects redundant, obsolete and trivial content across all your connected content sources,  enabling you to set policies for automatic retention, archival or deletion and ensuring a less cluttered, more streamlined content environment.  

  • Email Governance

The sheer amount of content and data stored in most employees’ email can present a point of vulnerability that is difficult to secure, if not outright forgotten. This capability allows the automated classification of attachments in your Outlook Exchange and Gmail inboxes, applying the same policies you apply to your other data sources to the two most commonly used email tools. 

  •  Smart Cache

Whether your organization’s users are remote, in the office, or a mix of both, Smart Cache enables efficient access and organized file storage; utilizing machine learning, Smart Cache analyzes your files to determine which are used the most, keeping them readily available while caching what isn’t often needed or used. 

 In addition to these announced enhancements, Egnyte is committed to continuing to develop our solution to help your employees work smarter and safer, whether in the office, at home or on the go.


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Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash

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