Migrating Data and Permissions to the Cloud Just Got Easy

Many of today’s cloud migration solutions are easy and inexpensive, said no one ever. Unfortunately, it can be both complicated and costly. For this reason, some organizations postpone adopting cloud strategies. But that may be an unwise decision that costs organizations millions of dollars each year by simply not recognizing the productivity gains and cost benefits of moving to the cloud.What if I told you that there is a simple and reliable way to migrate data to the cloud? And that this solution is enterprise-grade, offers minimal disruption to users, and it’s easy to troubleshoot issues…if there are any.Introducing the Cloud Migration ManagerThe Egnyte Connect Cloud Migration Manager assists your organization in migrating files, folders, and folder permissions from on-premises storage to the cloud with Egnyte Connect, so you can quickly benefit from having your data in the cloud. It’s simple to migrate a large amount of data and permissions with this solution designed with an intuitive user interface (UI) to guide you through the entire migration process.

Migrating Data and Permissions to the Cloud Just Got Easy- Egnyte Blog

But here’s the kicker, not only does the Cloud Migration Manager migrate files and folders but it also migrates folder permissions. No other self-service data migration solution available today supports file and folder migration along with permissions migration, a key need for any serious business.The Cloud Migration Manager continuously monitors and records activity during the migration process so you always know the status of your data. The results are summarized and displayed in an easy to read dashboard, and you can drill down for more details by downloading a comprehensive report.

Migrating Data and Permissions to the Cloud Just Got Easy- Egnyte Blog

Your data is also secure throughout the entire migration process. Egnyte has a comprehensive approach to security that offers data encryption at end points, in transit, and at rest.Add efficiency and let users get work done  As an IT admin you have many responsibilities. The Cloud Migration Manager adds efficiency to the migration process. The set up is quick and easy via the UI, and the solution immediately starts migrating data and folder permissions. So now you spend less time focused on migrating data and more time focused on other activities.Typically, most data migrations happen over the weekend or in the evening when fewer users are accessing the files. That is a migration best practice, and we encourage you to follow them. Now you can rest assured it won’t be a problem when a user makes changes to a file during a data migration. The Cloud Migration Manager ensures that the latest content, even newly created files and folders, are migrated to the cloud with Egnyte Connect.While your users take advantage of the productivity gains and efficiencies of moving to the cloud, you enjoy the cost savings. You can decrease capital expenses by eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure to host files.However, many organizations do choose to keep data both on premises and in the cloud for business continuity purposes, the Cloud Migration Manager is also great way to migrate data for customers that are looking to take advantage of the Egnyte Connect hybrid deployment.Jumpstart to Egnyte Connect Is the Cloud Migration Manager right for your organization? Only if you’re looking for a quick secure way to migrate data from an on-premises storage to the cloud with Egnyte Connect. The Cloud Migration Manager does this without the complexity associated with many file migration solutions, like FTP, rsync, etc. Still waiting for the punchline? Simply migrate your most important files, folders and folder permissions to an active domain, and migrate legacy on-premises data to an archive domain.For more information, please refer to our Cloud Migration Manager Overview article.

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