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Powerful content management technologies like Egnyte Connect are revolutionizing the workplace. Content, often trapped in a desktop computer, can now be accessed from anywhere, from any device. The addition of powerful collaboration tools and granular security can extend unprecedented collaboration both within and outside your organization. We are experiencing a tectonic shift in the workplace. Today your data can be securely accessed from wherever you are and you can easily, securely share with anyone you’d like.As long as that data isn’t your email.The revolution in file sharing is well underway, but email continues to be trapped in the same place it was 20 years ago. Today file collaboration and sharing is easy with apps like Egnyte Connect, but your choices for email content management are decades old. Sharing email still requires that you give a full copy of your message to someone else. When you send or forward an email, a full copy of your message and any attachments is delivered to your recipients. The copy is completely uncontrolled and stored at every recipient’s location.  It’s unprotected and valuable corporate data, but frequent news of email breaches prove security and control is lacking and not treated like the valuable corporate asset it is. Email, like it has been for a long time, lives in a separate data silo.Why are the rapid technology advances stagnant for email content management?I find this odd. 1.1 billion business users trade a stunning 132 billion emails every day. For most professionals and companies, email is the most important information in the company. For many companies, the email message is also a document and even more critically, a legally binding document. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use Egnyte Connect to manage emails the same way you manage files?My company can help. mxHero Mail2Cloud technology was built to bridge the gap between your email and Egnyte. With Mail2Cloud, you can leverage all the power of Egnyte for your email messages and attachments. Mail2Cloud provides many options to getting your email content in Egnyte, ranging from drag and drop emails directly into your Egnyte folder tree to fully automated and intelligent message capture.  Once saved to Egnyte, all the collaboration and security features available for files are available for your emails.[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]All types of organizations are using Mail2Cloud from Enterprise to SMB across many verticals. Legal, insurance, and financial teams reap large benefits from automating their daily filing functions and leveraging the benefits of a modern, secure cloud repository securely accessible from all devices. Powerful Mail2Cloud auto-filing intelligence enables companies to increase their email workflow productivity by up to 90%.For example, financial firms are automatically saving loan applications to the cloud, greatly reducing the costs and human errors caused by manual entry processes. Similarly, legal firms are able to automate the filing of client emails and attachments into matter specific, correspondence cloud folders that are fully accessible even from the courthouse steps.Mail2Cloud, just like Egnyte, works from every device, whether that be a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Mail2Cloud is compatible with every email system, whether on-premises like Exchange or cloud like Office 365, Gmail, etc.Data shows that up to 45% of company data is trapped in email. With mxHero Mail2Cloud and Egnyte’s powerful content management system, that no longer has to be.For more on how mxHero email solutions integrate with Egnyte, please visit

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