Make Your Data Work for You: Custom Metadata is Now Available in Egnyte

As modern businesses generate (and rely on) increasing amounts of content, the organization of that content for ease-of-use and timely discovery has become a challenge. Complicated and subjective folder structures and basic search functionality can only get you so far, so the question becomes: how much time is your company losing in the search for content, and how much content is slipping through the cracks when you go looking for it?

The solution to this challenge is in the data— specifically, in the metadata. Utilizing metadata in the creation and classification of your content will ultimately result in a universe of content that is easily searchable, topically transparent and contextually relevant.

With that goal in mind, custom metadata is now available in Egnyte under the admin tab. What does this mean for you?

  • Users can create custom data labels for use by admins or users of the tool
  • Metadata fields can be applied to ANY file type
  • Built-in flexibility enables labeling of everything from specific file versions to entire folders
  • Tags can be added during the creation or storage of files, organizing the content from the outset
  • Egnyte also provides an API that can enable users to define custom fields and populate values for files, versions and folders

Want to know more about custom metadata or see how it works in action? Check out these great resources for more:

Helpdesk Article:  Using Metadata in the Web UI

Blog: Metadata Intelligence Provides Structure to Your Enterprise Content

eBook: The Importance of Metadata for Enterprise Content

Video: QuickTip – Customizing Metadata in the Egnyte Web UI

What will custom metadata mean for your content organization? Tell us more in the comments!  

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Amanda Salem

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