Lose the Paper; DocuSign It

If you’re still Fedexing documents or even just printing expense reports for your boss to sign, there’s a better way...Egnyte’s DocuSign Integration. This feature lets you collect esignatures on documents without having to leave your Egnyte account, and it’s free. The DocuSign integration is ideal for landlords, real estate agents, salespeople or anybody else who has to collect signatures on documents.

If you’ve never used DocuSign before, you’ll need to set up a trial. Just enter a couple pieces of information about yourself, and you’ll be off and running. You don’t need to enter a credit card, and they won’t spam you.There are a few things to configure on the Egnyte side, but they're easy. Once you’re all set up, you can send documents out for review directly from our Web UI. Just select a file and pick the “Send with DocuSign” option.

Lose the Paper; DocuSign It - Egnyte Blog

DocuSign will ask you to enter the name and email address of the person who needs to sign.

Lose the Paper; DocuSign It  -Egnyte Blog

Everything that you can do with a paper document, you can do with DocuSign. For example, you can mark where people should sign or leave their initials. There are also a couple things that you can do with DocuSign that you can’t do with a paper doc, like specifying a menu of radio buttons where the user can only pick one option.

Lose the Paper; DocuSign It - Egnyte Blog

Once you’ve finished marking up the document, your counter-party will receive a note asking him to add an esignature.

Lose the Paper; DocuSign It - Egnyte Blog

The best part about our DocuSign integration is that the signed copy of the document will automatically appear next to the original in Egnyte with a note that indicates who signed it and when.

This isn’t all that Egnyte and DocuSign have to offer; we’ll cover how to use the powerful DocuSign Ink app in a separate article.Trey manages products at Egnyte. He holds strong opinions about semi-colons and radio buttons, and likes surfing, camping in the desert, and beer from Mexico.

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