June Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming

We’re now halfway through 2014, and our team has delivered some great new features for our customers. Below is a snapshot of what’s new and what’s in the works over the next 30 days for Egnyte.

What’s New

More Administrative Control

  • Role-Based Administration: Admins can now create custom roles for Power Users, which gives them selective admin capabilities, such as the ability to manage plan details or manage users. For example, an Admin can create a Billing Power User who can access the plan details page, add or remove features, update billing information, and retrieve past invoices, but he/she won’t have full access over all files like an administrator does.
June Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming -Egnyte Blog
  • Folder-Level Controls: Some folders may contain highly sensitive data, and this feature provides more control on how and when files are shared. Admins or folder owners can disable public links on a per-folder basis, which can prevent users from inadvertently or inappropriately sharing sensitive content externally. Additional details can be found here.
June Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming - Egnyte Blog

Big news for end-users

  • Desktop Sync 8.1.1: The latest version of Desktop Sync improves usability, including faster syncing, sync tracking and new UI settings. This version is available for Mac and Windows.

What’s Upcoming

  • Outlook Add-in 3.1: For avid Outlook users, the latest add-in includes great new features to share and store files directly from Outlook into Egnyte. The new add-in will be available on Wednesday. Stay tuned for an update on our blog!
  • Shortened URLs: This upcoming feature will condense URLs to make it easier to share specific links to files and folders from Egnyte.
  • Password Protection for Folder Links: To add an additional layer of security to sharing folders stored in Egnyte, this new control requires that a recipient of the link provides a password to access the folder and its contents.
  • Storage Connect Updates: We’ll be unveiling great new enhancements to Storage Connect that will be substantially more scalable as your business grows.

Be sure to check the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more details on product updates. Have any other product questions? The Helpdesk and our company blog can quickly help get the answers you need.


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