July Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming

Over the last 30 days, we’ve introduced several new integrations and product enhancements to extend the enterprise capabilities for our customers. Check out the latest features, as well as what’s in store for August.

What’s NewExtending Hybrid

  • Storage Sync 10.0: The latest version of Storage Sync introduces policy-based sync to enable instant collaboration across offices on day one of deployment. The new prioritization model provides more control for IT teams to set policies for prioritizing data syncing, making the most relevant files available quickly for employees.
July Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming  - Egnyte Blog
  • Central Cloud Dashboard: This new dashboard tracks all of an organization’s devices, making it easy to monitor and diagnose the health of each device. The cloud  becomes a central point where admins can control local storage devices, and it’s now available as part of Storage Sync 10.0.
July Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming - Egnyte Blog
  • Microsoft Hyper-V: We’ve extended our platform’s virtualization offerings to include support for Microsoft Hyper-V. Storage Sync integrated with Server enables customers to access, edit and share business files from ANY storage device deployed in a Windows environment.

Enhanced Usability

  • Outlook Add-In 3.1: The latest Outlook add-in includes great new features to seamlessly share and store files directly from Outlook into Egnyte. Users can also create Upload Links to collect files directly from the plug-in.
July Product Spotlight: What’s New and Upcoming - Egnyte Blog
  • WebEdit: WebEdit allows users to open, edit and save files directly from Egnyte and is now certified for general use. This is a great timesaver for editing and reviewing documents.

Security Highlight

  • New Invitation and Password Change Flows: New users added to Egnyte will now set their own passwords. To enhance security and access to business data, inviters, including admins, will no longer be able to set the passwords for other users.

What’s Upcoming

  • Desktop Sync 8.2: The upcoming release includes many new enhancements, including logging in via an email address (in lieu of a username) and faster detection of changes in the cloud, in addition to multiple usability improvements.
  • New Folder Link Types: Folder Links will now have all the same security controls as File Links, including the control for who can access the folder shared through that link - public, private, password protected, and private recipient.
  • My Links Report: Organization and management of shared links is about to get easier! Users will be able to see a list of the links they have created, along with information about who they were sent to and when they expire. Users will also be able to delete links they have sent.

Be sure to check the Egnyte Helpdesk regularly for more details on product updates. Have any other product questions? The Helpdesk and our company blog can quickly help get the answers you need.

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