It’s Not Always What You Know…Sometimes It’s Who You Know

The rapidly-growing enterprise technology landscape has created great opportunities for new companies to jump in and solve very specific industry needs. Taking a laser-focused approach, rather than trying to cover every feature set (which, let’s be honest, is pretty difficult with limited funds and employee bandwidth), has enabled some organizations to fill the gaps for other businesses by working within - or creating their own - strong ecosystems.

It’s Not Always What You Know…Sometimes It’s Who You Know - Egnyte Blog

Let’s look at a company that has been very successful by taking a targeted approach: Salesforce. Salesforce has become the leading vendor in its space by focusing solely on CRM. And while the solution arguably has the most user-friendly interface, the best uses for contact management, and the most advanced sales and marketing strategies among CRM solutions, its success has largely been due to its partnerships. Salesforce took an approach that focused on ‘playing well’ with other leading vendors who are solving additional requirements of their mutual target customers, including campaign management, marketing automation, eCommerce, reporting, accounting and more. This enables Salesforce to deliver a comprehensive solution to their customers, rather than struggling to piece together a solution that meets all of their needs.We’ve taken a similar approach with our platform here at Egnyte, enabling partners to seamlessly integrate using our API and provide mutual customers with a joint solution that offers greater value. We believe that working closely with the right partners is key for successful integrations for our customers, and we invest in go-to-market initiatives to provide complete solutions that stretch far beyond our area of expertise and specialization. We have been very successful with this approach and continue to be a trusted partner through our strong program and enterprise-grade platform.

It’s not always what you know that’s important; it’s who you affiliate your business with to provide the best value for your customers. Interested in joining our Technology Alliance Program? Contact today.

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