iOS 6.7

If you’re a longtime Egnyte Mobile iOS user, you’ll like Version 6.7.We’ve taken another step forward in allowing our users to collaborate from anywhere. You’ll find a lot of changes in the mobile app, zeroing in on making the experience more intuitive, putting more data at your fingertips and preempting common pain points. Enjoy!Contextualized TutorialWe're always striving to flatten our users' learning curve on Egnyte Connect. With contextualized tutorials, we sprinkle in helpful hints while you use the Egnyte app to improve awareness and productivity.

iOS 6.7 - Egnyte Blog

Grid ViewWe now offer users the convenience of viewing their files as high resolution thumbnails while browsing through folders, rather than choosing between high-res and browse.

iOS 6.7 - Egnyte Blog

File Selection FlowFile selection is now optimized for single file selection. Scroll through your files and select each file that you want to include. Multi-file actions are just one additional tap away!

iOS 6.7 - Egnyte Blog

CI DashboardsView your user profile dashboard for personal personal mobile usage information. Visualize information, including your private folder size, active file and folder links.

iOS 6.7 - Egnyte Blog

Pending NotificationsPending notifications will add a badge to the app icon on your homescreen for a more visible reminder to highlight pending notifications.

iOS 6.7 - Egnyte Blog

Terms of ServiceYou can now accept an account's terms of service from the mobile app. You will be prompted to read and accept the terms of service when you log in to Egnyte.

iOS 6.7 - Egnyte Blog

Other Updates

  • Optimized display for long file and folder names
  • Split view feature is now supported on tablets

Stay tuned for our next update!

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