In Egnyte’s Ecosystem, Security and Ease-of-Use are Not Mutually Exclusive

Despite popular belief, delivering security with usability does not have to be a zero-sum game. At Egnyte, we have taken this to heart as our product delivers a user-friendly and intuitive file services platform designed for the enterprise. In addition to its broad appeal to end users, Egnyte exceeds the demanding needs of security-conscious and heavily-regulated industries and organizations. Egnyte’s customers require the highest levels of data protection and privacy, coupled with flexibility over where files are stored, all without compromising user productivity, mobility and collaboration. In addition to our own proprietary solution, we have purpose-built an ecosystem with partners who also understand the needs of the enterprise. So what do you get when you combine Egnyte’s enterprise-grade platform with a best-in-class cloud security solution like Netskope? Secure file sync and share services that users want, with the visibility and control that companies need to combat shadow IT and maintain compliance with internal and external security and privacy policies.At Egnyte, our partnership philosophy is simple: invest in third-party technologies that complement our products and choose partners who share similar values and business objectives. As such, our ecosystem is comprised of applications that accentuate the value of our file services platform and partners that help extend our reach into the market. Given Egnyte’s intense focus on delivering the most secure, flexible and user-friendly suite of file services, the Netskope partnership was a natural fit.With Netskope, our customers can discover all of the applications their users are running on the network and gain visibility into risky behavior that may compromise security and result in the loss of sensitive data. And rather than simply revoking access to products that violate policies or propose a security risk, Netskope can suggest and guide users toward IT-sanctioned applications, such as Egnyte. This concept of shaping behavior, rather than blocking users, resonates with our own user-first design paradigms.

In Egnyte’s Ecosystem, Security and Ease-of-Use are Not Mutually Exclusive - Egnyte Blog

To learn more about this exciting solution and our growing partnership with Netskope, please join us for an upcoming webinar, titled “Top 5 Things Keeping CIOs Up at Night.” You’ll hear from Kris Lahiri, Egnyte’s Chief Security Officer, and Bob Gilbert, Sr. Director of Product Marketing at Netskope, to learn:

  • The top five things you should know about Shadow IT.
  • How to monitor the true extent of unsanctioned cloud services in your organization.
  • How to provide the file sync and share services your users want, while maintaining the security and compliance your organization requires.

Read to attend? Register here today to secure your seat. Stay tuned for updates on new security features and our third-party integrations.

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