Identify and Remediate Security Issues with Intelligent Risk Scoring

Is Your Data Governance Program Simple, Actionable, and Responsive?

Today, having a strong data governance program is critical for many reasons: understanding and minimizing risk to sensitive data, maintaining security and trust, avoiding compliance fines, and empowering knowledge workers to be more effective at their jobs.  

The trouble is, if you don’t manage scope properly, and instead try to eat the proverbial data governance elephant all in one bite, you are setting yourself up for trouble.

Mid-sized enterprises, in particular, need to ensure that their governance programs are simple, actionable, and responsive to the specific needs of their business – not someone else’s.  And as a practical matter, many companies have few-to-no dedicated staff to enforce governance policies on a daily basis.  

Egnyte is committed to helping organizations of all sizes implement – and, more importantly, maintain - “right-sized” governance over their content. And today we are pleased to share several key announcements related to this commitment. (Read the News Release)

Identify and Remediate Security Issues with Intelligent Risk Scoring - Egnyte Blog

First, we are launching a new Governance Risk Dashboard that summarizes risk into a single number so you can measure where you currently stand. This score is based on the age and severity of open issues, the risk and age of sensitive content and the number of people who have access to that content, and the classification policies and analysis rules you have enabled. It not only helps measure the current state but tracks improvements and can be used to engage business leaders in governance efforts, helping them understand where the investment of time and energy is going.

But measuring is just the beginning. We are also introducing “next best action”  recommendations that help you identify and prioritize next steps specific for your needs.

Identify and Remediate Security Issues with Intelligent Risk Scoring - Egnyte Blog

To help you execute on next best actions, we are integrating the Risk Score into Egnyte’s Content Safeguards, which protect your repository from data leaks by restricting public links to sensitive files. You can create Content Safeguard policies that limit links to a minimum security level based on sensitive content matching, risk score, and location, which are then automatically enforced.

While these new Egnyte Platform features are critical to your overall data governance program, some companies require additional resources in order to be successful. That is why we are also announcing our Strategic Health Check and Governance Jumpstart service offerings, which are delivered by our Professional Services team. These include rapid deployment for customers, maximizing value with existing technology investments, and periodic evaluations and guidance to companies about their entire data governance program to improve control, security, and productivity.

To learn more about our Professional Services please visit or call: 1-877-734-6983.

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