How The New Egnyte University Boosts Your Productivity

We’ve been doing some major spring cleaning and we’re excited to bring you a whole new platform for learning about Egnyte! Egnyte University makes it easy for all your users to learn the ins and outs of Egnyte at their own pace. New users will get up to speed quickly with courses like Getting Started for Users and experienced users will keep up with our product changes by taking the New Features Course.

How The New Egnyte University Boosts Your Productivity-Egnyte Blog

How they learn is up to them. With overview videos, webinars that include live Q&A, and over 2 hours of eLearning content available all in one place, getting educated on Egnyte has never been easier!It’s a simple and well known concept; getting people to use a new tool is the key to it’s success. But how? You’ve made the investment, established internal sponsorship and integrated with applications your users already love, but there are generally a couple of roadblocks we face. For one, they don’t know anything about Egnyte and two, they don’t know how to use it.

How The New Egnyte University Boosts Your Productivity-Egnyte Blog

Instead of creating a communication plan and spending time developing curriculum to train your users, let the all new Egnyte University do the heavy lifting.  You’ll enjoy these great new features:

  • New User Interface- The new look makes it a breeze to find the content both you and your users need when you need it.
  • Mobile Ready- Learn about Egnyte right from your mobile device. Try the Mobile course or the Egnyte Connect Desktop App course!
  • Updated and New Content- Everything has been updated, expanded upon and consolidated into one place so it’s easy to find.
How The New Egnyte University Boosts Your Productivity-Egnyte Blog

Shelly J. Fox, a Program and Project Manager, said “We are still in the middle of our full migration to Egnyte but I believe the training provided the foundation to allow users to begin using their files and improve our company’s use of a shared file folder concept. The team was enthusiastic about the ease of accessing files from a cloud-based solution, as today users must be on VPN.”Need help deploying Egnyte? Take the 8 part Admin Configuration Guide Course that includes a lesson on how to engage your end users with an easy to follow guide.Already up and running with Egnyte? Encourage users to explore new ways of using Egnyte by signing up for a live webinar! Check out Egnyte University today!

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