How Marketing Agencies Use Evernote and Egnyte

Marketing agencies put heavy pressure on their talent to produce and manage multiple campaigns with absolutely no room for error. Unfortunately, creativity doesn’t often reach talented marketers when they’re at their desks. As noted by Zenhabits, those amazing marketing ideas actually happen best when you’re away from your desk. How then, do marketers create a fertile environment for collecting ideas, pictures, URLs and anything else that pushes ideas for a marketing campaign through? Mobile tech. More specifically? Evernote.Not only is Evernote easily accessible on your mobile device, it also allows you to capture all of your ideas in one handy place, and in multiple kinds of media formats.Here’s How to Create a Project Like a Pro on Evernote

  1. In your Evernote account, create a “brain dump” notebook. This brain dump can encompass anything that inspires you.
  2. As you get new campaigns, label them by client name and campaign. For example, Target’s Back To School Video Content.
  3. Pull ideas from your brain dump notebook into your Target’s Back To School Video Content notebook.
  4. Create a workflow for how to implement that strategy into the Target’s Back To School Video Content Notebook. Example:
  5. YouTube video
  6. Find middle aged actress to play mom
  7. Find 11 year old actress to play sister role
  8. Find main character, 7 year old “Mikey” kind of kid actor
  9. Production concept:
  10. 7-yr-old boy sees his older sister talk with her friends about going back to school.
  11. Boy becomes nervous that summer is about to end.
  12. Mom notices his anxiety and leans up against the doorframe.
  13. She surprises him with a backpack full of new school supplies.
  14. Boy quickly forgets his anxiety and is excited to see all the new art supplies. He hugs his mom.
  15. Screen change on white background.
  16. Tag line: “We care about his school supplies. You care about him.”
  17. Target logo
  18. Fade out.
  19. Record & Edit Transcript.
  20. Publish.

After creating the outline to capture the feeling of the marketing campaign in the notebook, you can share it with your teammates.How to Solve the Sharing DilemmaEvernote is an amazingly useful mobile tool. Unfortunately, Evernote doesn’t allow the sharing of notebooks between users and non-users, so if your colleague isn’t an Evernote user, they can’t see your notebook… until now.cloudHQ can actually sync your Evernote notebook to your corporate cloud storage account. In most enterprises, Egnyte is the preferred file services solution because of the ability to store and access files in the cloud and in on-premises storage.What does all this mean? Simple. Sync your Evernote Target’s Back To School Video Content notebook with your Engyte account through cloudHQ. Share the folder with any of your co-workers, and they’ll have access to your notebook through Egnyte. Even as you make changes to your notebook, it’ll continuously sync back to Egnyte in real time. So, you can keep using the awesomeness of Evernote and also keep collaborating with others who aren’t using it.In addition to your voice being heard, communication can now be a two-way street! If you want to have collaborators include their ideas into your notebook, you can enable a two-way sync. Imagine they’re working in Basecamp or in Sharepoint, or in whatever platform they choose to work in, now that platform can be synced in real time back to Egnyte, and out to your Evernote notebook.

How Marketing Agencies Use Evernote and Egnyte - Egnyte Blog

It’s time to put technology to work for you. Let’s make you even more awesome at your job. Sync your cloud with a free trial from cloudHQ.cloudHQ was founded in 2011 by current CEO Senad Dizdar, who has over 23 years of data infrastructure experience at Oracle. The cloudHQ service uses automatic replication to copy data from one cloud service to another to enable:

  • Sharing of files and data across multiple platforms
  • Integration between cloud services that do not offer integration
  • Create and maintain a centralized database of data from multiple cloud services
  • Project collaboration across multiple platforms
  • Backup of data to prevent data loss

This post was written by cloudHQ's Chief Marketing Officer Naomi Assaraf.

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