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The Modern Archive: Part 3

Big, fat data

Every business in every industry has one thing in common; growing data demands. We’re talking records, accounts, employee information, and so much more. As data increases, so do storage requirements, both in the cloud and on-premises, and there’s no decline in sight.

Businesses need a way to organize all the data they’ve amassed and our customers are no different. Some leave completed files in their Connect domains, alongside active data. Others keep inactive content on file servers to separate it from live projects in the cloud. The thing is, neither approach can substitute a true enterprise-grade archive.

Keeping finished projects in the Cloud is a good start because it helps them stay accessible, but failing to designate a separate archive may violate regulatory requirements, as well as leave content prone to unintentional overwrites/deletion. Conversely, on-premises archives may support certain types of compliance, but they’re expensive to maintain. It’s easier and more efficient to have a single, centralized access point for all company data, active or archive.

The challenge is to create an archive solution that’s secure, easy to manage, less expensive than on-premises systems, and flexible enough to scale with varying business needs.

Archive challenge accepted

Our customers wanted an alternative to using an active domain or on-premises file server, so we created Egnyte Archive. This powerful new service provides a separate domain for content with specific retention requirements and allows companies to customize access settings using our granular permissions model.

Egnyte Archive can also meet unique business needs, regardless of industry. For example, in order to comply with regulations (FINRA, NASD, etc...), financial institutions must retain records for several years before they can be deleted. Other organizations must store content in specific regions to comply with data sovereignty. Our archive service can do all this and a whole lot more.

Easy peasy data squeezy

Our archive domains can be up and running in minutes and integrate seamlessly with any active Connect domain, so you can conveniently manage all company content using the same login credentials. Whether you’re moving data from file servers to the cloud or from one cloud domain to another, we make it easy.

Imagine completing your next bulk data transfer (from active to archive or vice versa) with a single click.

It’s much easier to control company data with a single content platform; one that simplifies the archive process and improves content visibility. Egnyte’s holistic business solution allows admins to see how archived data is being used while ensuring authorized users always have access. Egnyte can even detect vulnerabilities, send real-time alerts, and offers end-to-end data encryption.

Better than a file server

Some businesses keep file servers as archives because they don’t trust the cloud to offer comparable security, despite increasing storage demands. If security is your main archive concern, it’s important to understand just how vulnerable data can become as it accumulates in on-premises repositories. As data grows, it becomes harder to secure. Files can be lost or forgotten on hardware, leaving admins scratching their heads to figure out who has access to what. Egnyte Archive keeps content in check with smart reporting and auditing and enhanced search capabilities. However, better visibility and control aren’t the only reasons to decommission old file servers.

File servers are expensive. Continually replacing them to satisfy storage requirements is impractical, so consider a repository that scales without sacrificing security. Our archive service is a better alternative to local file servers because it eliminates costs like VPN, antivirus, and hardware upgrades.

There’s no reason to pay for traditional file servers or manage a third-party archive, because Egnyte is flexible, secure, and allows you to choose the cloud storage service that works best for you.

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