HoloBuilder + Egnyte: 360° Reality Capturing Without Data Silos

HoloBuilder + Egnyte  360° Reality Capturing Without Data Silos - Egnyte Blog

As a construction professional, you value using the Egnyte enterprise cloud service for storing and sharing of your large and complex project files. What you don’t value are data silos. Neither do we. This is why we’ve integrated HoloBuilder and Egnyte together to give the AEC industry the tools they need to succeed. With the brand new integration, you can access sheets, images and 360° photos stored on Egnyte directly from HoloBuilder‘s Web Editor.The Egnyte integration for HoloBuilder enables you to:

  • Easily import your sheets - as PDF, PNGs, or JPG files,
  • Simply upload and update the latest sheets,
  • Upload 360° images into your projects and
  • Keep a single source of truth for your project data!

To go deeper, we want to give you a short overview of Egnyte’s integration points with Holobuilder.See the Entire Picture with 360º PhotosThe traditional approach to construction project documentation and progress tracking is usually very inefficient: for every room that has to be documented, workers have to take an average of 11 standard still photos to store and utilize later on. With 360º images, this changes dramatically: You only need 1 picture to capture every detail around you!  The resulting process allows a foreman to walk the site with a 360° camera connected to HoloBuilder’s JobWalk app and document everything in 360 degrees.  With one click, their surroundings are captured in 360 degrees, timestamped and directly tied to their location on the sheet, and uploaded to the secure HoloBuilder cloud server infrastructure. With a collaborative approach, the benefits increase even further, because the entire team can capture and contribute to the virtual project. Our features allow your entire company to use the software tool with role-based profiles. We call this set-up and user maintenance procedure “Multi-Tiered Administration on an Enterprise DashboardEgnyte as Your Data SourceAfter adding Egnyte to your HoloBuilder Web Editor, you can select “Egnyte” whenever you want to add a sheet or a 360° image with the “+”-button in one of your projects. You can browse through your private and shared Egnyte files within HoloBuilder, just like you are working with your team.You could also export renderings from your 3D BIM models and import them into HoloBuilder directly through Egnyte! Easy and efficient project documentation and progress tracking, from day 1 through project delivery, in 360° Reality Capturing have never been easier. With an integrated toolset and project data being easily accessible to the appropriate team members, Egnyte and Holobuilder have finally made data silos a thing of the past.

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