Highlight Reel: Enabling Your Digital Workplace with Office 365

The best questions from our Egnyte + Office 365 webinar.

Office Desktop

1. How do I get the Egnyte for MS Office Desktop add-in?In order to get the Egnyte for Microsoft Office Desktop add-in, you can download the latest installer. Please refer to this helpdesk article for additional information.

Highlight Reel: Enabling Your Digital Workplace with Office 365 -Egnyte Blog

2. When I select the option, ‘Share from Egnyte' in Outlook, when does it expire, who can access, etc?The default link settings are set by your admin. These will determine your security settings. You can always change them by clicking on 'Settings' right under the 'Share from Egnyte' button. 3. What is the benefit of sharing a file through an Egnyte link vs sending an attachment in Outlook?There are many benefits from sharing an Egnyte link vs sending an attachment from Outlook. First, email attachments have file size limitations which will prevent you from sending larger files. ( Most environments have a 20MB file limitation). When you generate an Egnyte shared link, you have the option to add password protection for further security. You also have the option to set a link expiration based on time or number of clicks or delete the link if you need to revoke access.Potentially more important is the fact that you can track whether the recipient has accessed the link, and how often they look at it. Lastly, if your team is making changes to the file, you would have to send every new version as an attachment over email. With an Egnyte link, the latest version is automatically available to the recipient.4. What version of Microsoft Office does Egnyte support for Office Desktop?Office 2010 is the oldest version we support for the Desktop Plug-in, but we recommend 2013 or 2016 for the best performance. For Office Online, an  Office 365 for Business subscription is required. Egnyte Office Mobile capabilities are supported on the latest version of the Office Mobile apps.

Office Online

5. Is Egnyte co-authoring available for both Mac and Windows users?

Highlight Reel: Enabling Your Digital Workplace with Office 365 -Egnyte Blog

Yes, co-authoring is available through Office Online for Mac and Windows users. For more information on co-authoring, please refer to this helpdesk article. 6. Can I collaborate with users without an Office 365 subscription on Office Online?Yes, your collaborators can view your Office files. In order to edit, they will need an Office 365 license and an Egnyte account. 7. When I save a file in Microsoft office, is it automatically saved to Egnyte? If you make a change to an Office file, it's saved in Egnyte when you click save. If you use Office Online, the changes are auto saved.8. What happens when a user wants to edit a file in Office online while another person is editing the same file in the traditional desktop version of Office?The file will lock in the cloud so users trying to access from other methods will only be able to open a read-only copy.

Office Mobile

9. Do you need an Office 365 subscription to use Office Mobile?You don't need a subscription to preview files. However, Microsoft requires a paid Office 365 for Business subscription to edit files.  

Highlight Reel: Enabling Your Digital Workplace with Office 365 -Egnyte Blog

10. How does Egnyte work with the Office Mobile apps on Android?Users can add Egnyte as a document provider within the Office apps, allowing Egnyte files to be browsed, accessed, and edited directly within the Office mobile apps. Currently, Egnyte only supports iOS. Android is NOT yet supported by Microsoft.Don't see your question answered above? Check the Helpdesk section for Egntye + Office 365. Still need help? Contact support@egnyte.com.

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