Getting Perspective with Trello + Egnyte

Been missing your Egnyte content inside of Trello? Well, miss it no more! With the launch of the Egnyte Power-Up, team members can now safely and securely attach their content to Trello cards and bring perspective to their work, without switching apps. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, businesses around the world rely on Trello to organize and collaborate on their most important work. Now those using Egnyte can move even faster.Spark Collaboration Whatever the content - a blog post, contract, photo, design, and more - teams collaborating in Egnyte often use those files to add perspective to their work. Trello is where employees across various teams come to have discussions, show progress, and stay organized. To do that, they need the content they’re working with to add important context.If you're a marketing team using Trello to collaborate on content for a blog piece, simply create a card in Trello, enable the Egnyte Power-Up, and attach the images and documents so that the entire team can see the post go from first draft to published. Or, when working on a new product, attach specification documents and design files in Egnyte to the relevant cards in Trello so the entire team can brainstorm, give feedback, and always see the most recent iteration. All in real-time.Keeping it SecureWhen using the Egnyte Power-Up to share content in Trello, your files never actually leave Egnyte. This means if your company is reliant on that security you don’t need to trade-off productivity to get it. The content is shared as a link in Trello and users must sign into Egnyte to open it.(Don’t) Switch It UpOne of the productivity challenges facing teams today is constantly switching between the apps and services they rely on. Previously, Trello users would open a new tab, open Egnyte, find the file they need, either download it or copy a share link, return to Trello, and add the file or link to their cards. Painful, right? Jumping back-and-forth between tools is not an effective way to keep moving fast, in fact, studies show that context switching costs industries up to $450 billion a year in lost productivity. Now, you can simply click the Egnyte Power-Up, find the right files or folders, and quickly attach them to the card without skipping a beat. Some might call it magic, but we call it progress.

Getting Perspective with Trello + Egnyte- Egnyte Blog
Getting Perspective with Trello + Egnyte- Egnyte Blog
Getting Perspective with Trello + Egnyte- Egnyte Blog

Enable the Egnyte Power-Up on your Trello boards today and bring the power of productivity to your collaborative content. Not using Trello? Sign up - it’s free!

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