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We’re headed into a techy weekend here in the bay area! Egnyte is sponsoring the AEC Hackathon in Menlo Park on the Facebook campus that kicks off today, and we’re excited to meet and work with local developers. We’ll also be joined by our partner Equipdata who has seen solid success from leveraging our API to integrate their equipment management and GPS mapping cloud solution with the Egnyte platform.

Feeling RESTless Egnyte Something! - Egnyte Blog

The AEC Hackathon is focused on the architectural, engineering and construction industries, which have traditionally been slower to adopt cloud strategies due to the large nature of their files and the remote field office locations. Egnyte has been well received in these industries as we solve many of these specific pain points through three convenient and secure deployment models - purely on-premises, cloud-only, or a hybrid of the two. There’s a big opportunity in these verticals for third-party developers, and we can’t wait to see what our local developers create this weekend.

We’re expanding our developer partner ecosystem and are always looking for third-party developers to create business apps with our API. Here’s a quick snapshot at a few reasons why our developer partners enjoy working with us:

1.    Paying customer base of 40,000+ businesses2.   Alliance/Developer Referral Program3.   Go-to-Market strategies, including joint marketing opportunities4.   Easy to leverage APIs for quick development

If that doesn’t entice you to build with us, take a look at what some of our partners are saying:

“Partnering with Egnyte has given Equipdata a valuable element to offer our customers who are looking to streamline their traditional business processes.  The unique combination of asset and document  management in the cloud is made possible by API data integration between our two companies and is unprecedented in our market space"  – Art Maat, CEO of Equipdata

“Using the Egnyte API, we were able to enable multi-platform real time photo sharing functionality for our users in a matter of weeks. We successfully deployed our solution on iOS, Android and our Web app. The Egnyte team was very helpful and open to suggestions when supporting us to do that.  FotoIN enables an entire business to snap, tag and annotate photos, while automatically capturing critical data from the field and organizing them into the appropriate folders on your cloud storage repository where they are easily accessed for immediate or later use.” - Ivan Klaric, CTO of FotoIN“Egnyte’s quickly growing platform and Kloudless’ user demand made integration a top priority. Their simple, well-documented API enabled us to quickly build the needed functionality.” – Eliot Sun, CEO of KloudlessHere’s to a successful hackathon this weekend in Menlo Park! Are You Feeling RESTless? Egnyte Something! Learn more and register for an API to begin your development here: https://developers.egnyte.com/

Natalie Longhini is responsible for driving Egnyte’s growing ISV alliances program and developing a thriving developer ecosystem. A Colorado resident with over 14 years of experience in the technology sector, Natalie brings a wealth of global alliance experience to the role having lived and worked in Europe and the United States. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with an International Focus from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

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