Equipping Today’s Global Workforce for Tomorrow’s Realities

Working with local teams is simple; you can walk to someone’s desk, show them a large video file, and get a question answered quickly. It’s important to have this type of collaboration, but for most organizations, this does not represent the whole workplace picture.For me personally, I work with customers, vendors, partners, remote employees, and branch offices. I need to collaborate effectively with these teams wherever they might be located and however their work environments may be structured. One day, I may be in the office, on a trade show floor, at a client’s manufacturing facility or on a plane, and I need access to my files on the device that happens to be in my hand at that moment in time.Now multiply my scenario time 30,000 employees around the world. Trying to do this with archaic tools can make it extremely difficult for your company to compete for certain projects, clients - or in general.At Egnyte, we work with many large enterprise organizations that operate in multiple time zones with very diverse work settings. Whether you have two offices or thousands of sites and workspaces, it’s important to put the correct tools in place to keep your teams productive and connected. But, it’s not just about the obstacles today; it’s also preparing and providing the tools to effectively manage what your employees will face in the future.Instant Gratification - What You Want, When You Want ItAs a company grows from a few hundred to tens of thousands of employees, it becomes extremely complex to provide access to critical business files, especially for teams spread across different cities, states, countries and continents. A sales rep may need access to an in-store marketing display from his or her iPad, while a media manager may need to download and change a large video file for an upcoming event. Or a construction project manager may need to access and edit large CAD drawings from the job site with little to no Internet bandwidth.Whatever the situation may be, Egnyte is the only solution that enables employees or other users in different locations to collaborate on files, regardless of the file size, location, network connection, or infrastructure. One great example is Red Bull, the leading global energy drink brand that we recently announced has chosen to deploy our enterprise file services company-wide across 167 countries. They can now integrate with their existing sales apps and seamlessly collaborate across different geographies.There’s an App for That!You don’t need to be chained to your desk working on that old desktop computer; that’s a thing of the past. The prevalence of remote and mobile workers is a reality most organizations face every day, and it’s only going to get more complicated with Apple introducing smart watches, vendors providing other wearable technology, and the myriad devices that come out (what feels like) every week.Egnyte offers easy file access from any mobile device through a suite of native applications, enabling employees and contractors to access, share, edit and download business files on-the-go. Need to sign contracts with a vendor or share marketing collateral with a customer via a tablet or smartphone? With Egnyte’s apps, it’s simple and secure.It’s All Under ControlSo everyone has access to files from anywhere, but how do you manage all those users and the intellectual property they are accessing? With Egnyte, we provide a complete suite of administrative features to help provision users, manage access rights, and ensure the security and integrity of company data.Let’s face it - people usually don’t stay at companies for 20 years. If someone works for you today, you need to be prepared to revoke access to your IP when they leave your organization. This gets even more complicated when you have thousands of dispersed employees and contractors onboarding and leaving at any given time.With Egnyte, customers have simple, secure access to the files they need, when they need them, and IT teams maintain complete visibility and control to ensure data security and business continuity. You can grant access or remove it instantly, ensuring only the right individuals have the right file when they need them.Egnyte is flexible and scalable to meet each businesses needs now and into the future. Interested in learning more about how Egnyte solves the key pain points for businesses? Visit here for more information.

Equipping Today’s Global Workforce for Tomorrow’s Realities - Egnyte Blog
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