Encryption by Boxcryptor - Strong Security for the Cloud

Securing Shared Content

The cloud enables teams to collaborate on shared files from anywhere in the world. Whether hosted internally or through a third-party provider, the cloud may very well be one of the biggest collaborative resources to date.

Unfortunately, greater accessibility means an increased risk of data loss or theft. For some enterprises, this is a worst-case scenario. Data stored in any cloud should be protected separately and reliably, but how can organizations ensure their storage solutions provide enough security?

Encryption is everything

File encryption protects content from being usable even if it’s accessible, making it one of the best ways to secure sensitive information. Because our platform offers built-in 256-bit encryption, customer content is automatically protected using one of the most secure methods available. However, our default encryption only works with files stored in Egnyte, so what happens when content leaves our platform?

Boxcryptor and Egnyte

Boxcryptor offers added encryption for cloud storage. It encrypts sensitive data before it enters Egnyte and maintains encryption even after the data has been shared externally. Data is protected by state-of-the-art, end-to-end hybrid encryption using a combination of AES and RSA algorithms.

This additional security layer makes files on Egnyte even more secure. Our integration with Boxcryptor keeps users in total control of decryption keys, preventing Egnyte, or anyone else, from accessing the most sensitive data.

Integration benefits

Security for the cloud: The strong end-to-end encryption that Boxcryptor offers protects your most sensitive data from prying eyes.

Encryption in the background: Your files are encrypted on-the-fly and in the background, which makes it easy to integrate Boxcryptor into your workflow.

Zero-knowledge: Boxcryptor is a zero-knowledge encryption provider. No-one but the data owner can access encrypted information.

User & group management: The software provides a variety of features that make it highly customizable and therefore suitable for all business needs.

Additionally, Boxcryptor offers a range of features that make it easy to tailor for specific IT-security requirements. The company offers three options for commercial use; individual, freelancer, and corporation.

To find out more about Boxcryptor and how it secures collaboratively shared data, visit www.boxcryptor.com or email them.

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Jonathan Zimmermann

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