Eliminate Duplicate Files Using Content Lifecycle

A growing issue among organizations is how their content grows exponentially as more employees and collaborators have access. If new and better content is being created, that’s obviously a boon, but if the exponential boom is coming from files being duplicated and resaved over and over again, that’s hardly beneficial. 

If an organization’s Egnyte repository is cluttered with duplicate content across shared files, this can consume storage space, and perhaps more importantly, make it more difficult to find the valuable content you’re looking for.  

To combat this phenomenon, we’ve enhanced our Content Lifecycle capabilities within the Secure and Govern solution to identify files that are exact duplicates. This information enables administrators to eliminate the duplicate files, free up storage space, and unclutter the repository.

Identify and eliminate identical files to unclutter your storage

We have enhanced our content lifecycle capabilities within Secure and Govern to identity files that are exact duplicates of others. With this information in hand, administrators have what they need to eliminate duplicate content, free storage space, and improve the ability for users to find the content that they seek.

For more information about the Content Lifecycle feature within Secure and Govern, visit our Helpdesk article here.

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