Egnyte Update on Global Ransomware Attack

As you have no doubt seen on the news, a widespread ransomware campaign is affecting various organizations across the globe. The latest version of this ransomware variant is known as WannaCry, WCry, or Wanna Decryptor.  Due to the high impact of this outbreak, it is prudent to ensure your systems are appropriately protected.You can read all about the Wannacry ransomware at some of these sites that have documented a lot of the details.

At Egnyte, our platform is built to inherently address these types of ransomware attacks (remember Cryptolocker). While a client end-point may be infected by ransomware, our goal is to be able to identify this as soon as possible and avoid the spread of this malware by rejecting such files from being uploaded to Egnyte.Our engineers have worked over the weekend to deploy a fix that will prevent the current strain of wannacry infected file from being uploaded into Egnyte, from all Egnyte end-points like the web browser, Egnyte Drive or Desktop sync and potentially being distributed to others that you collaborate with. We are also keeping a close eye on reports of any new strains of this ransomware.It is absolutely essential for you to work with your IT organization and make sure that all your Microsoft windows systems are appropriately patched. All information regarding these patches are available here.If you use Egnyte Storage Sync, please work with your IT team to make sure that these devices are not accessible from the internet. Please contact our support team if you want any further help dealing with this issue.

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