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"HP TouchPad App Review: Egnyte"Reviewed by Terry WalshTouchPad TalkHP's recent tie-up with, offering 50GB free online storage for TouchPad owners, is certainly a fantastic deal for consumers. But small businesses and enterprises requiring an integrated cloud solution for their HP TouchPad deployments will have a number of specific data security needs and other desired features that requires a dedicated business solution. Egnyte is the first cloud storage vendor to throw their hat into the ring, with a new webOS app for HP TouchPad that's designed to offer business-class file sharing and synchronization through a "hybrid cloud" model.Hybrid cloud? That simply means that the solution can combine cloud storage of data on Egnyte's servers alongside a copy of that data held on your own servers (if desired), offering additional data protection and security. If you don't want your data on third-party servers, the company also offers an Office/Enterprise Local Cloud service where they install a Netgear ReadyNAS server on your premises with the same sharing and collaboration feature set as their cloud service.

  • Cloud File Server
  • Office Local Cloud at each office
  • Centralized management of all access permissions
  • Directory service integration with Open LDAP

Of course, whether data is held in your cloud or someone else's, the point is it can easily be accessed by mobile/remote workers on a variety of fixed and mobile devices, the latter including iPad, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and now, webOS in the form of the HP TouchPad.

Professional/Small Business plans are available for up to 25 users, whilst a Large Organization account is also available for 26 to 10,000 users. The most basic plan starts at 5 users for $30 per month and with data centers in both the US and Europe, geographical/regulatory security constraints can also be easily managed, according to the company. Full pricing is available via the company's website.

All well and good, but what can you do with it? Egnyte offers a range of features for the end user and admin which are designed to make remote working easier and more efficient. They include:

Remote File Access

Based on your access permissions, you can navigate to respective folders and open files, see older versions and read comments against files. Personal computer backups can also be read.

File Sharing

Create links to files with expiration dates, and send email links to files to your colleagues.

Centralized Administration

If you're the IT Admin, you can control access rights to the Egnyte Cloud File Server right from your mobile device and also create users if required.

*To read the full article please click here.

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