Egnyte Helps PCL Construction Go Digital

Exciting news for the Egnyte community! In March we announced PCL Construction’s deployment of Egnyte Connect. Last month we connected with Redmond Magazine editor Jeffrey Schwartz to pique his interest in PCL’s unique deployment. Jeff took some time to interview our CEO at Egnyte, Vineet Jain, as well as the solutions architect at PCL Construction, Chris Palmer. Today, we were delighted to see Jeffrey wove those interviews into an in-depth piece on the digital transformation of IT and the technologies enabling it. While PCL Construction was the vehicle for his analysis, Egnyte was very much featured! Jeff got some great sound bytes from Chris, one of my favorites being this one:

“[Egnyte’s] hybrid capability provides access to large files quickly when people are on-premises, but get cloud-based access from a Web, iOS, or Android device remotely or at a job site, according to Palmer. “Wherever and whenever they are working they can now get at their data, and that’s the big digital transformation I am seeing,” Palmer says. Asked about the impact the move to embrace more digital initiatives is having on the IT staff in his organization, he said they’re significant.”

Yes, they are significant! PCL isn’t the first customer who’s used our solution to digitally overhaul their workflow for the cloud paradigm. They also won’t be the last. Stay tuned to see where we turn up next!

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Colin Jordan

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