Egnyte + GoFormz: Paperless Success with Digital Forms

Paperwork sucks… it’s a universal truth. From translating a coworker’s sloppy handwriting to tracking down missing documents, paper forms slow productivity, cause clutter and make doing your job more difficult. But what if paperwork not only took far less time, but also made your work life easier? With the Egnyte + GoFormz integration, you can digitally transform your forms and documents, so that you can fill them out on a tablet or phone and instantly submit them. Because the data is digital, you can also automate notifications, daily workflows, record keeping and more.GoFormz is the fastest and easiest way for businesses to digitize their paper forms and processes, reducing cost and complexity while modernizing their operations. If you have existing paper forms, you can use GoFormz to digitize them; if you are keen on building new digital forms, you can do that too. Either way, filling out electronic forms on a tablet, phone or computer is so much better than using paper forms. Using GoFormz with Egnyte is even better:Smart, Seamless, SecureEgnyte and GoFormz are a match made in (productivity) heaven. No matter your industry, business size or budget, the Egnyte-GoFormz integration provides scalable, seamless benefits, for every facet of your business. With GoFormz, you can make your forms ‘smart’ with dynamic fields (like electronic signatures, auto-calculations, images and maps, etc.). Users can now connect their accounts to send and save their GoFormz forms in Egnyte, resulting in secure document storage and accessibility.

Egnyte + GoFormz: Paperless Success with Digital Forms - Egnyte Blog

Total Control of Your Documents and RecordsAnother key benefit of storing mobile forms in Egnyte is customizable organization –– gain total control over how your forms are organized within Egnyte, and set GoFormz workflows to automatically place forms in specified folders.With GoFormz, users fill out their forms more accurately and completely than before, and store them in Egnyte, modernizing document storage and retrieval. Save time, reduce costs and processing times, and improve your team's’ administrative burden. Learn more about this integration at and see how you can:

  • Create mobile forms and keep them organized.
  • Automate your business document processes and record keeping.
  • Share completed forms securely.
  • Secure and accessible file access.
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