Introducing Egnyte for Life Sciences

Today, Egnyte announced the release of Egnyte for Life Sciences, a unified data collaboration platform specifically for organizations in the life sciences industry. The platform, created with input and feedback from customers and leaders within the industry, ensures regulatory compliance, improves collaboration, and helps to provide more control over valuable data.

“The ability for Egnyte to store the data files on a compliant platform and provide seamless access to scientists so we can create knowledge and move forward has been invaluable.” - Chris Moxham PhD. Senior Vice President Discovery Research at Fulcrum Therapeutics 

Among the platform’s capabilities, there are several that are critical to companies in the biotech and life sciences space: 

Regulatory Compliance - Egnyte for Life Sciences supports GxP compliance, conforming to FDA, EU and other global regulatory directives. Tools like audit trails and document reviews and approvals, combined with Egnyte’s compliant servers, enable scientists and employees to work from anywhere without worrying about version control or overwriting data.

Secure Collaboration - Egnyte reduces the risk associated with sharing large amounts of diverse data through features like granular permissions, unidirectional data flow, and customizable sharing links with expiration and download controls. Additionally, robust reporting and alerts help to identify and stop suspicious activity in real-time. 

Data Governance - As life sciences companies become high-profile targets for malware, ransomware and phishing attacks, the need to govern and protect sensitive data has grown exponentially. The governance capabilities within Egnyte for Life Sciences help to identify vulnerabilities and proactively reduce risk, integrating into common business software to create full-scale visibility into how data is being used, and by whom.

For more information about the Egnyte for Life Sciences release, as well as the institution of the new Egnyte for Life Sciences advisory board, see the full announcement here.

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