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Like many tech companies, we require all our visitors to sign NDAs, whether they are customers, partners, or potential new hires.With automated photo taking, badge printing, and legal agreement storage, Envoy has made office managers’ lives much easier. Visitors can quickly and securely sign an NDA on an iPad and get to business.But where do the NDAs go once signed? They should be stored in a central repository, easily accessible by all relevant teams. NDA access should be a seamless part of users’ workflow.That’s where Egnyte comes in.Integration in ActionWe’re particularly excited because this integration is a hand-in-glove fit. NDAs are legal documents requiring both centralized accessibility and top-notch security. With automatic storage and all the benefits of Egnyte’s centralized architecture, no one will ever attach an NDA to an email again.Egnyte users can now connect their Egnyte account to act as a file repository within Envoy. Once configured, all NDAs are filed directly to a specified folder in your Egnyte server automatically.

Egnyte + Envoy - Egnyte Blog

Once you connect your Egnyte account and log in, you can designate a folder in Egnyte to be the new home for all your visitor NDAs. Once you click save, you’re all set! Every visitor’s NDA will be automatically filed and easily accessible.

Egnyte + Envoy - Egnyte Blog

Anyone who’s done time behind a front desk can attest to the massive amount of paper-shuffling office managers need to do. In today’s efficiency-oriented workplace, paperless reception is a late but important arrival. With Envoy, office managers can leave clipboards in the distant rearview. The benefits are obvious: reduced carbon footprint, far less time spent digitally transcribing paper sign-ins, and seamless record-keeping as NDAs are automatically emailed to all parties. With automatic storage and all the benefits of Egnyte’s centralized architecture, no one will ever attach an NDA to an email again. And with Egnyte, office managers don’t have to be the NDA gatekeepers. With one upload link and precise folder permissions, all the right users (and none of the wrong ones) will know exactly where to find an NDA when they need it.Learn MoreIf you’re ready to dive in, learn how to set up the integration here.It takes two: read Envoy’s blog post about Egnyte! Learn more about our partners: check out Envoy.

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