Egnyte Enterprise Local Cloud Available on VMware

Egnyte Enterprise Local Cloud Available on VMware  -  Egnyte Blog

Last week we had an exciting announcement to make. Our Enterprise Local Cloud (ELC) solution is now available as a virtual applicance on any VMware Virtual Machine. The Enterprise Local Cloud (ELC) is deployed on any existing Windows or Linux hardware of your choice. It is a virtual applicance that runs on VMware and can leverage any existing storage - direct attached, NAS, or SAN.

A Local Cloud is an always-available local copy of your files on the Egnyte Cloud File Server. It provides off-line access to your business files and LAN like speeds in editing files. Using bi-directional sync, it ensures that your users have access to the latest version of the file, wherever they are.

Central Administration

User management and file access controls are applied and automatically maintained across the Local Cloud and the Cloud File Server. Optionally, you can use existing directory services like ADS or LDAP for user management.

Off-Line Access

The Local Cloud provides you with off-line access to your files. If your internet connection is not available, you can directly access the files on the Local Cloud. When the internet connectivity is restored, the Local cloud bi-directionally synchronizes the changed files to the Cloud File Server.

Faster Access to Large Files

Certain application files can be large, for example photoshop files or CAD drawings. Accessing them locally is much faster than accessing them over the internet. Not only does the Local Cloud allow you to edit these files at LAN speeds, it also synchronizes the changes to the Cloud File Server. You need not maintain versions of files, since Egnyte automatically creates versions.

We hope with our different Local Cloud solutions designed for small to large companies, you can truly leverage the power of the Cloud. If you have any feedback or questions, please leave a comment here or post to the forums on our support page.

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