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As many of you are aware, we recently polled Egnyte customers to get feedback on our service and industry. Thanks to all who took the time to complete it – we sincerely appreciate it!One of the reasons we did the survey was to better understand your reasons for selecting Egnyte, as well as to determine your comfort level with cloud solutions today. As you know, we have worked very hard over the past year to deliver the Egnyte product based on the needs of our customers. Following this survey, it is crystal clear that hybrid solutions like Local Cloud will bring peace of mind as more and more businesses like yourself move toward adopting on-demand virtual storage.Among some key data findings we wanted to share:- Almost half (48%) of small businesses identified trust and security as top attributes for selecting an on-demand or cloud-based file server. Interestingly, 27% of respondents said that the product’s ease of use carried more weight in their decision to select a service provider than price and performance (23%). Customer service (7%) and ability to scale with the business (4%) was listed last.- 99% of small business respondents validated that Internet outages can be detrimental to business. In fact, the survey showed that if the internet was down for only one hour, over half (51%) would be moderately impacted and nearly a quarter of respondents (20%) severely impacted.- To gain small business owner’s trust, 66% of respondents said that offering hybrid solutions that connect online and offline was most important, while 54% said that providing exceptional customer service, such as 24/7 helplines with live support comes second.Aside from helping us understand what our customers are thinking, we also hope that this is validation for you that we are moving in the right direction. As one of the few service providers to deliver hybrid cloud solutions, it is our goal to ensure that all our customers conquer their fear of flying in the cloud.If you are interested in viewing the complete data results, feel free to download the survey results.We have also issued a press release.

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