Egnyte Customer: Sciforma replaces all Windows file servers and unifies international team.

The Science of PlanningSciforma, a leading global provider of project and portfolio management software, has chosen Egnyte to provide a worldwide file storage and sharing solution at its branches in all countries where it is present. Sciforma is a company culturally geared toward efficient collaboration and project management for its customers and for itself. The company decided that it was time to replace its distributed Windows file servers, backup tools and FTP servers with a new unified files management solution. In a context of expansion and increasing collaboration between offices, Egnyte turned out to be the perfect fit for Sciforma's current needs. With Egnyte, employees at Sciforma can easily share large files on a daily basis, both between offices and with clients, in a secured and reliable manner.Challenge: Need for common tools to share secure business files and collaborate effectivelyThomas Heron, VP Operations for Europe, wanted to find a common tool for employees to share and back up their files. Thomas needed a "Dropbox for businesses" that allowed him to maintain control and visibility of files being shared. A hybrid cloud solution became an urgent need for Sciforma and Thomas began to search for a share, sync and backup solution. He wanted a precisely organized, centralized cloud file server. But it was also important that all countries, working with agreed upon rules, could however organize their own way to handle all the various use cases they might come across. After considering a dozen solutions, he found Egnyte via the HP TouchPad client.Solution: Deploy 3 Enterprise Local CLouds and Ensure Secure File SharingAfter signing up for an Egnyte trial and testing Egnyte's file sharing capability between different branches and on different operating systems, Thomas presented Egnyte to Sciforma's International Executive Committee. After they reviewed Egnyte, the management from the United States, France, the UK, Germany and Sciforma Int'l agreed that Egnyte was the solution to their problem.Thomas chose to set up three Enterprise Local Clouds, deployed as VMware based virtual appliances on existing hardware. He deployed one in France, one in Germany and one in the United States, giving sedentary employees fast local access in addition to online storage and file sharing. One person was set up as the administrator in each location to ensure employees had permissions to the correct folders. For mobile collaborators, Sciforma chose to have users sync only their Private folders locally and use the mapped drive to the Shared folders for which they have permissions.Not only did Egnyte meet Sciforma's needs, the hybrid cloud solution gave Thomas peace of mind. If at any point the cloud was inaccessible, files were still accessible via the Enterprise Local Cloud. Having an always-available local copy of files raises the level of security and availability.As Thomas explains "Looking for a file storage and sharing solution is technically interesting as several solutions exist. Cloud solutions are attractive but it's quite a big step to take. As a manager, when it comes to choosing and recommending a solution, cloud orientation raises a question of responsibility. Egnyte's hybrid cloud solution gave me confidence in putting our files in the cloud because I could retain control, visibility, and have an always available local copy of all of the company's files."Sciforma was looking for a centralized cloud file storage tool for all its branches to store, share and backup their files according to their various needs and Egnyte is the good solution.Click here for the PDF.

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