Egnyte Connect + Google Docs: Strengthening Productivity at Work

Updated: March 22, 2017At Egnyte we are always working to be on the leading edge of innovation and collaborate closely with other technology leaders to make sure that when they release new products and features Egnyte users are among the first in line to get access to them. Today, we are proud to announce that we are strengthening our integration with one of the leading productivity tools on the market today, Google Docs.At the 2017 Google Cloud Next Conference, we showcased a new integration with Google Docs, Sheets and Slides that will result in several benefits for Egnyte Connect users. Watch the clip below of our presentation.

With our existing integration, Egnyte users have been able to create and edit Google Doc, Sheet, and Slide files right from within the Egnyte Connect environment – however, with the integration we are announcing today, Google Docs created in this way will soon have the ability to be stored within the Egnyte Connect environment, with permissions and security managed exclusively by Egnyte Connect. From the users’ point of view, this is a major improvement in usability over the current integration since granting your teammates access to your content will happen automatically behind the scenes, with no need to separately manage document access rights in Google Docs or Drive. We’ll also make it easier to modify sharing permissions, giving users the ability to modify Egnyte Connect sharing permissions right from within the Google Docs interface.This is also great news from an admin’s perspective, since Egnyte Connect’s security policies will now be enforced uniformly across all of your content, including Google Docs, without need for any additional action.The combination of these end user and admin benefits should make Google Docs an even more appealing choice for many Egnyte business customers, as we will be enhancing ease of use, data governance and security simultaneously.A few other benefits worth noting:Corporate Versioning and Retention Policies – Since Google Docs will be managed in Egnyte Connect, corporate data retention policies can be easily enforced. Users will be able to review past versions of Google Docs and easily switch between them as needed.Intuitive Document Creation and Sharing – Users will be able to start new Google Docs right from within the Egnyte Connect web interface, as well as from the Egnyte Connect desktop app. In addition, Egnyte Connect’s powerful sharing features will be available to users right from within the Google Docs interface. Password protecting a document or sharing a link that will expire on a specific date will be a cinch.Unified Audit Trails – Egnyte retains a record of all document transactions so that admins can have a detailed record of who accessed or edited the Docs, as well as when and where they did so and from what devices. This gives the organization a complete understanding of the lifecycle of the document in critical cases such as lawsuits or audits.Our previous integration, which we announced in 2013, has been a huge success for our joint customers including Design Within Reach, Spartan Race, Designvox, and many more. Bethany Kemp, VP of Technology and Information Systems at Design Within Reach said it best:“Google Docs are a core collaboration tool for our business. They allow us to work together on content in real-time and give our users access to the most up to date information anytime, from anywhere, increasing productivity and efficiency. We are thrilled about the new Egnyte Connect integration because we will now have security and control over our Google Docs content, making us smarter and more efficient when collaborating, internally throughout our entire organization as well as externally with our partners."The new integration will be available for early beta customers in the near future with a broader release to follow. To request to be a part of the beta program, please contact your Egnyte representative today.We are looking forward to expanding on our relationship with the Google Docs team, continuing to build upon our integration, and supporting more joint customers in the future. As always, stay tuned for more exciting announcements from the Egnyte team!

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