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In today’s efficiency-oriented workplace, workflows can be made more efficient by automating every step. The opposite also applies: when tools don’t talk to each other, data and workflows become siloed and inefficient. Fortunately, there are solutions on the market.Azuqua is a fast, scalable integration platform. It’s designed to help users build bridges spanning the sea of single-purpose SaaS apps, without writing any code. Users can automate an entire workflow (which Azuqua refers to as a ‘FLO’) using a visual designer.We are particularly excited about our Azuqua integration because Azuqua enables teams to create workflows between cloud services without consulting IT. By the same coin, the visual designer allows IT to see where data is being transferred for easy auditing and governance. It’s highly responsive, since users do not have to write any code. And most importantly, it is enterprise-grade.By functioning as organizations’ all-in-one content collaboration, intelligence, and auditing layer, Egnyte Connect takes a similar approach to content as Azuqua takes to productivity workflow. With a mutual focus on making customers’ lives headache-free across their entire workflow, an Azuqua and Egnyte integration is a natural fit.Integration in Action[caption id="attachment_7961" align="aligncenter" width="975"]

Egnyte + Azuqua- Egnyte Blog

This FLO copies files placed in a certain folder in Egnyte to a specific object in Workfront, then sends a notification in Slack.[/caption]Building flexible IT infrastructures is critical as organizations embrace cloud-based productivity apps. Egnyte customers prize agility, and we strive to deliver it with our open, secure, hybrid architecture and rich ecosystem. Switch interchangeably between the tools of your choice without worrying about where your content is located, thanks to Egnyte Connect.[caption id="attachment_7963" align="aligncenter" width="975"]

Egnyte + Azuqua- Egnyte Blog

Azuqua works by linking data across tools.[/caption]Of equal importance to our customers is convenience. Azuqua affords users the chance to automate the workflows they developed organically. Enhance your communication across teams and facilitate user creativity, rather than battling it.

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