Collaboration Made Easy with the New Microsoft Teams Messaging Extension

Last September, Egnyte released the first integration between Egnyte Connect and Microsoft Teams. At the time, I mentioned that we have a lot more coming and today, I’m happy to share the latest updates on our Microsoft Teams integration.

Introducing the Egnyte Messaging Extension: Expand your conversations with new capabilities

In the original release of our integration, users could access Egnyte through a dedicated tab, navigate the folder structure and interact with their content just as they would from Egnyte’s own user interface. That meant you could send files for eSignature right from the Egnyte Tab or open edit documents in Office Online. But what if you just wanted to share a file into your Teams channel? In the past, to share a file with a team's channel, users would first have to select the file, generate a link, then paste the link into the relevant channel. Our new messaging extension helps simplify such tasks.Below the compose box, click on the [∙∙∙] icon to open a flyout menu, then select Egnyte. In the Egnyte pop-up window, search your most recent files to find the one you want to share, then click to post a link directly into the channel. For added convenience, a list of your most recent files accessed in Egnyte Connect will automatically display.

Collaboration Made Easy with the New Microsoft Teams Messaging Extension - Egnyte Blog
Collaboration Made Easy with the New Microsoft Teams Messaging Extension - Egnyte Blog

To get started, visit our Help Desk article which will guide you through the process of enabling this new feature.

Additional Enhancements

We’ve also made a number of powerful improvements to the Egnyte Tab integration. This update increases accessibility by allowing any team owner to pin specific Egnyte start folders in the tab - a task previously only available to Egnyte administrators. Plus, we have also introduced support for single sign-on with Teams.Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing applications in the Egnyte ecosystem. If you haven’t yet tried our integration with this powerful solution, give it a shot and let us know what you think.We expect to release even more features for Microsoft Teams in the coming months. Stay tuned!To learn more about our partner ecosystem register for the webinar, Going Beyond File Sync & Share featuring Gartner, on February 21st at 10am PT / 1pm ET.

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